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      Far but too close


i was always looking for the one special person id fall in love with. at 14 i didnt expect it to be as soon as it happened. we met online and instantly clicked. he was the boy who i felt butterflies when he was around. i always thought about him and would refuse to do anything just so i could come home and talk to him. i knew he was who he said he was. he lived in london and i was in the united states. he treated me like his princess. this was one romance that wasnt bad. he had never talked about me sending him dirty photos or my doing or giving him bad things. he was just a shy 14 year old boy looking for someone to share a emotional passion with. and at the time that was what i longed for most. he said that he loved me and we always talked about the future. i was trully and passionatly in love with this boy. he would send me messages say " going morning love how was your night" and i would just melt. it felt so special to be loved this way. but i got a im from him on day after school. i knew he had another friend that he met online but he told me they were just friends. i believed him and things went on like normal. but he would always talk to her and tell me about her. of course i got jealous. but i couldnt believe what he said to me in that im. he said." i have to tell u something about julie. we kinda fell in love" and this is the boy who i loved and thought he would never do anything like this to me. but im still hurting real bad at how this happened. i wished it hadnt but if someone cant hold onto u for what you are then just let them go.


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