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      It all started with a cup of coffee


I just w anted to have a cup of coffee with him (his name was cesar). I know him but not that much. He was so good looking. His photograph generally appeared in the presentation of the society. He was an engineer. I just admired him. Can I see him in person? Can I get one chance to have a coffee with him? But why will he sit with me? Who I am? A small time office assistant in an government agency!!!

It all started when I approached him before the acquaintance party of the society, he was that snob and difficult to talked with, all I want is to be his friend because his new in the society. His personality took my attention from the start I met him. I knew there’s something about him that makes me feel different. On that occasion I offered him a seat beside me, but he insist to sit with the other members, I was challenge that time I thought of things why he had to avoid me. I remember that was august 1 2009 when a gave him a pin (wish that he still remember that thing) he accepted it and I saw into his eyes he like it. That was the time I felt something different with him, I didn’t felt like this before.( I feel excited , the eagerness to be with him to talked and just to see him closer) I remember his cute little eyes that stare at me I knew that something deep inside of me that I cant explain.

For that moment on every time I think of him, there’s this too much beating of my heart (even though I am still in a relationship I keep on thinking of him) I know I’ll be having this strange feelings for him I was not able to think the consequences that might happen. I know that he is a married man and a good father for his family. That’s the reasons why I into him.

Days go on, we had time to talk and time to be together I asked him to have a coffee with me, and he say “YES”, I really enjoy having a cup of coffee. We had talked a lot of things regarding me and Charlie (Charlie was my boyfriend and also his office mate), he advice a lot of things between me and Charlie. I’m just listening to his advices, deep inside my heart is leaping. From that day on we send message thru text, e-mail and even calling to our mobile phone……......... that was the time my feeling developed more


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