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I'm a 30 year old man that just lost the true love of his life. I dont know where or how everything went so bad but I think I was mostly at fault and the fear of losing her made me do stupid things that just pushed her away even more.

She was the most incredible woman I have ever had the pleasure of dating and I wish that I could stop thinking about her but I cant. It is constant and sometimes I think im going insane.

Someone that doesn't love you back or want you anymore has to be the worst thing anyone should or would ever have to go through, it is really worse than a death because you know they are still there and you cant see them anymore.

I have never in my life cried this much, I kill myself saying I could of done this or that but I know it's over and I know only time will heal but I also know that my heart will never be totally healed from the loss of her.

I will never in my life open my heart and put it out there like that again, just to get a knife plunged into it. They are not kidding when they say love hurts, it hurts more than any other thing in this world.

Love stinks


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