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      I cant live without you


His name was Jason Adam. And i love him. We where in year eight. We were so young and tight. We started talking about our lifes and school and all sorts or things.

We got closer andby the time we knew it i was in love.

it toke a while of all so but it was worth it.

See our love was so tight that even being in a relationship with him wont mean shit. Time past and my so called best friend come in the stroy. Her name was Nakia, princess of them all. Her running to jason like it a piece of dog. Jason let her in, the way he let me in.

he never knew how i really felt if he was such a jerk to do that. one day princess nakia screwd him, who knew nakia would do such a thing. As history repeated itself the next year. It was the end of the year, and it was christmas. We hapeened all over again. Then stopped. Then back on but those times werent serious till now i fell in hi dark hole again. soon as we new it nakia was back in town. and has already stole my man. you were such a jerk for doing it again...... i loved you jason adams i fucking feel for you.

use had a lil couples months together me watching you fucking kiss her and hold her the way you did with me. i hated you in fact you broke my heart.

i cant wait for you like this anymore.

you keep breaking my heart like this.

and yet knew use were over and time went by.

we started hanging out with each other.

its like christmas just keeps coming to to us.

it was the christmas carols and the fireworks were on..

and i was meant to tell ask you if we were doing these games againnn.

but u asked me offishally to be ur gf

and i am happy that you did..

because i couldnt take it anymore.. your the one tht i considering marrying and havng children with.

ur my always and forever love.

after these two years. you mean so much to me i just want you to know that .


i will wait for you!

a m y <3


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