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Whyy do boys always act like theyy know how we fell? Whyy do theyy say then love you when they go with another girl? Why do they get mad when you sayy it doesnt matterr what she did or how she did it? To you i sayy why do boys act a fool. Im only 13 and I thought i had love, yes it was love until he left me with a shattered heart. 8th grade year and we started going out March , 1 and i knew it was love now its December 25 almost 9 months and we still dont know where we stand. Im wating for a reason to break it off but he just keeps me coming back for more. Dont ever take what you have for granted cause one day he might be wanting to marry you and you happen to break it off with him. He loves me and i love him more than ever. Just wanted share mt story.


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