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      Middle school love


It was in 7th grade and really didnt like anyone at that time.But then i saw him he was new to the school and luckily i had him for all my classes.Lets just call him Derek.So my science teacher told Derek to go and sit next to me.He said hi to me and of course i was a little shy and moments later i said hi to him.A few months pass and iknew i really love him and we became really close friends and he was my best buddie.We were in history class and he he gave me a note and it said "hey lozer why do you only like boys with long her"?And i told him yea except for one boy.(Cause Derek has short spiky hair)He asked me who is it and i was such a coward of not telling him it was him. So i was looking around in the class looking for a boy with spiky short hair.Then in the class i saw this kid with short hair he was my best friend too lets say his name was Travis.I told Derek i like Travis and he told me oh im gunna hook you guys up.Then he actually did hook me up with Travis and i really didnt like Travis at all he was just a best friend to me.So me and Travis ened up going out with me for 10 months and then we broked up and we stayed as friends.But i still had feelings for Derek.Then one dy when we were already in 8th grade Derek told me he was gunna move from school and gunna go live in a diffrent city and i was so depressed i hated everything.I spend my whole 8th grade miserable and i cried for him so much cause i never got to tell him how i really did felt for him.So we all ended up graduating from middle school and of course moving on to high school.Then in high school i started going out with this boy name Robert cause i thought he was gunna make me forget about Derek but he didnt so i broked up with him.Then months pssed by and i was on myspace and i had a friend request and it was Derek and i was so happy.Then one month later my friend calls me and she tells me Derek wants to talk you and i said okay give him my number.minutes later he calls me and he says hi and i said hi.I was so happy to hear his voice again and i had to tell hi how i felt bout him so i told him everything.He told me dat he loved me too and he wants me to go to his high school so we could go out but i dont know.Anyways i hope we actually end up going out one day cause i really love that boy give up anything for him.


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