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      Teenage Love Story


When i was in the 7th grade i wasnt very pretty, i didnt care about my looks. No guys liked me, i didnt even have guy friends much less any friends at all. My dad always signed me up to play basketball in the winter i guess he thought i liked it, but i wasnt very good. I thought this year would be the same as the ones before, but i was wrong. My first basketball practice i made alot of friends from my team and from others. One of my friends told me that there was going to be two new guys joining our team the next week. Unfortnatley i found out that they went to the same school as me.

I knew who they were, one of them was dating my friend and the other was in two of my classes. The day they showed up to practice i said hello to them and they just looked at me not knowing who i was. Coach put one of them on me to guard me as i tried to get the ball. Lets just call him CLER. I told CLER to never tell anyone at school that i suck at basketball. He just looked at me and said,"who would i tell?" Practice ended early and we all left. During school CLER would come up and poke me or talk to me on our way to class. The thing that i thought was weird was that our lockers were right near each other and i never noticed him.

I walked into school the next monday, and my fiend came up and told me that someone was going to ask me out.....i didnt know who, until i thought about CLER. I kinda forgot about it all day until lunch when my best friend told me CLER was going to ask me out. I was in shock because i gad never been asked out before, i didnt know what i was gonna say. But i said yes. I was so scared that it was some kind of joke or something. We didnt talk for the rest of the day. It snowed that monday so we didnt have school all week, but we had a game on saturday and i was not excited.

CLER wouldnt talk to me but occasionally he would look at me. We lost the game, and we still didnt talk.

Monday we talked a little bit and on all the days till Thursday. We had another game, while i was sitting on the bench CLERs sister ELR came by and had teddy grams, lol love them. So we started talking and i gave her my number, the next day CLER called me. We started talking alot more, and he called me every night. We learned so much about each other. We had our fights, only because neither of us had been in a relationship before and we didnt know what to do.

But we always got through them, me and CLER did so many things together. Went to the movies, the park, bowling alley, skating rink. Our relationship was so magical, so incredible. Then i found out i was moving. Not far away but i would be going to a different school. Everything was ok until one day out of no where he said he didnt want to talk to me, and called me a bunch of names. I was so angry but not at him, at myself. I thought i did something wrong.

My dad told me i was never allowed to talk to him again, but i loved him. I couldnt be without him. So i got my friend to three way call him so i could still talk to him. We decided to go back out in secret. After awhile my parents found out and were mad because i lied to them. I told them i loved him, but only a little while after i told them he broke up with me again. I didnt talk to him for a year.

When my dad let me get a myspace, CLERs best friend added me. We started talking and then we dated. Only for about five months, then he broke up with me. Like a month after that CLER added me, and we started talking again. After awhile he asked me out then two weeks later he broke up with me again....

We stopped talking for awhile, after summer school he messaged me again and told me he still loved me. Of course i believed him. So he asked me out AGAIN. i said yes. We dated for a month, he broke up with me a couple of days before his 16th birthday and told me he didnt love me anymore.....To tell the truth, i dont believe i was IN love with him. I just loved him, and we are still friends to this day.

Just because a relationship ends doesnt mean you cant be friends.


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