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      He was the one


It was in 7th grade i liked this really cute boy but he was already going out with this other girl.But one day he asked me do you like me and i told him yea i do and he told me i do too.Later on that day one of his friends came up to me and kept telling me how come you dont go out with him and i told him i dont know.Then it was on a monday we were in music class and our teacher me and him that we had to help these other girls cause they needed help with music.Then he told mr come on lets go and i told him okay.So went in this room it was called a practice room and we started helping the girls play the violin.He asked me do you have a piece of paper and i told him yea i do he said can i have it and isaid yea sure.minutes later he touched my arm and he gave me the paper back and he told me read it and i said okay and i unfolded the paper and it said"Do you wanna go out with me"? and i wrote back i dont know and i gave it to him.he wrote back how could you not know. i really do like you then i told him fine we started going out on May 19.that was the best day ever for me.And on the first day he told me i love you and it was so special and then he kissed me and say i wanna be with you for ever.But we only ened up going out for 5 months because his ex girlfriend seperate us apart!:( we still talk to each other and he tells me that he still loves me.


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