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      My Best Friend


i knew this boy not much older than my self he was so loving and caring you could not of met a gentleman nicer.Also a very close family friend.from my childhood days i knew him and all his family...i was part of it and always was made to feel welcome...we grew together very close running around our estate playing games and getting muddy, as we grew oder together we were very close yet had our own lives, always had stories to tell when we met up we would see new year in then collapse together even tho i had a boyfriend who was very understanding of our friendship. i trusted him with my life and everything i knew and him the same with least i think he did. we had such good times together such good memories....then it was all taken away by a silly accident i am only 16 yet have lost my best friend and do not intend for him to ever be replaced, no one could ever best friend. i still have my boyfriend and he is still very supportive... the blame is not to be put on anyone for accident nothing else...the pain will ever go away and i dont think i want it too..its comforting when i feel like he is looking over me and most importantly his family who have been very strong through out all of this and i am amazed at...6th of august 2009....R.I.P Damien all my love xxx


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