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      A love story


When I was a in second year college, we met my friend in high school. This is the start of my feelings he said the like me then I said I like u too after a week he ask me to court me then I said sure, then we will together in 3 months during fiesta celebration that day we will not together I will not expect that I saw him the have another girl, I look him very sad, then I walk far from him. Then I text him that wherever u happy, I will support, if ur not happy w/ me ok go ahead in other woman, but I felt hurt that time I canít expect why it happened to me, then after a month I moving on of my life I focused my attention to my studies, almost 8 months I did not accept any suitors but I met someone who are very nice to me, even though im not I love w/ him . I accept him in my life, then we started again dating but my heart full of pain because of I remember my first bf, I try to love him but it shoud not happened instead i hurt him as much as my boyfriend before hurt me, after year I have a new suitor then I ask my self that I want to be happy now, then after a month we together as gf and bf, I love him so much and he love me too, I planed what the best of us in the future, I am 3rd year college that time then he is 2nd year college. When I graduate in college, that the start of our relationship that many temptation, we have a LQ , but I really love him, I want to help him in his studies. But sad to know that the cheated me , the have another gf, his roommate. Then the girl is pregnant I felt very much pain that time,, I fall in love w/ him but he cheated me,, my life that time is empty I felt very sad. But I did not angry w/ him. He said sorry to me but he love me this is the statement when we talk in phone, then I let go .after 6 months I having boyfriend again then I trust him I surrender my self to him, I love him as I love my life, but he cheated me also now,, I donít know why it happened to me,, I try to forget what he done to me but I canít. I hate him now, I really hate him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, AND NOW IM HURTING, oh my god I deserve to be happy pls give it to me, thatís the only words I ask. My family knows this situation but they remained silent. I felt sick and mad , I donít know I try to be happy even Iím alone but I cant, thatís I decided to move on in other place to heal my pain. I am deserving to be happy,,, I want to let go and moving on my life,,

Pls give me an advice what should I do,,,,,



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