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      A love story that would have last.


i was really wasnt the lovy type that believed in love. i didnt even know if love really existed.

i was in 8th grade when i met him.

he was really shy. just like i was.

we first started to get to know each other for about 2 months. on april 19 was the day that we started to go out

i was always so nervous when i got near him. we would talk just alittle bit. one week before mothers day we sent cards thru his sister. we did see each other every day because we went to separate skool since he was a freshman and i was an 8th graders. we only saw each other during church activities which we had many and often on the one of those card he said i love you. at first i was... well confused. and i asked him if he really ment it. and he did. his reason was that because i was always in his mind and he always thought about me. and that i was a big part of his life.

on mothers day when we saw each other we said i love you♥

i thought our " i love you" was very special because we didnt kiss before we said i love you.

months later was our first kiss. i was his first and he was my first.we did have our ups and down so many times. but we still loved each other soo much.

on valentines day it was our second one but this time we wer actually together

we made cards for church and put them in pouches for every one.

when i get home i try looking for his first and then i notice that the pouch had four little heart candies and i was wondering what they were doing there. so i read his letters to me and he said that the heart wer from him that he thought they wer cute and he wanted me to have them

we went out for a year and 2 months. but then our church stopped. and no more activities with youth. we couldnt see each other anymore. and i lived really far away..

we still have feeling for each other but its not the same. and i know that if we could see each other again we would still have a chance to be together again.


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