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      The one that got away


I met him in high school and he was my senior. We soon became good friends and started hanging out. To this day I have never met anyone so understanding, funny and yet a tower of strenght when needed. He was the best friend in the whole wide world. Although I never really thought about him outside the spheres of friendship.

It was only when he started dating this girl from class did I snap back into reality. I realized that I had fallen in love with him and couldnt do anything about it at the moment coz one of my dear friends was his girlfriend now. Although they both were perfect for each other I did realise that he liked spending time with me and we had a better understanding between us.

Eventually I decided to tell him the truth , come hell or high water. I felt I owed him this much as he had been a great friend to me . I too had a feeling that he liked me but did not dare say anything about it coz he didnt want to jeopardize our frienship. He had hinted several times in the past about dating me but I had just laughed it off. I just wish I had longer legs so that I could kick myself in the head.

I decided to tell him after the race and waited eagerly at the finishing line to see him win. Suddenly I could hear the roar of ambulance and wondered who had got injured . There was a lot of commotion and an urgent announcement was made saying that the race was postponed coz some one had met with an accident. Then I heard my friends name being announced , asking his friends or relatives to reach the hospital as soon as possible. I stood by in a daze untill some of my friends pushed me into one of the vans and we all headed to the hospital.

Today its been 8 long years since he died on that fateful day.I wouldnt like to mention the details of his demise coz they are too painful for me. The wonderful moments we shared, the unspoken love between us will always be there and these are the things that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my days in this world. He was my first love and will always be .


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