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      Made up fantasy love story


It was almost morning. The sun’s rays shining with shy light. Traders have already begun setting up their stalls. A stray dog was kicked in the ass by the Blue dragon Inn Keeper. The dog barked in mid-air and ran away when the inn keeper chased him. “Stupid dog” said the Inn keeper as he un-mounted the bulls-eye oil lamp that hung above the inn sign.

Back upstairs, In a fine cozy room, not too elegant but still affordable for some travelers, Blackblaze and Lela slept. Lela lying on Blackblaze’s left chest, she was not on the side, but she was literally on top of him. She woke up early just to hear his heart beat. Blackblaze was like a big warm teddy bear to Lela. She loved to hear her lover’s heart beat. I think it’s just soothing and comforting said Lela to herself. She prefers snuggling in bed with Blackblaze rather than having sex. It’s just so much more affectionate when you just appreciate everything the person you’re with said Lela to herself again.

A couple of minutes passed by, Lela ran her fingernails on Blackblaze’s chest. Blackblaze took this claw-like feeling in his dreams as of being clawed to death by a monster. His heart beat went fast, Lela pressed her head down because the rhythm was sexy. She kept pressing her head down until Blackblaze woke up, his face sweating and he was having a nightmare.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Lela, she didn’t hesitate to look into his eyes.

“I couldn’t breathe..” gasped Blackblaze as he wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

“Im sorry, It was me” Said Lela in a nice and calm voice.

Blackblaze stared at her. He smiled. “It’s ok” said Blackblaze. “Its just that I thought-“

“Here” interrupted Lela, she moved on top of him. Lela kissed Blackblaze and drove her tongue in his.

Lela put her forehead against Blacblaze’s forehead.

“As long as I am here, you will never have any nightmares” Said Lela as she drove her tongue in Blackblaze’s tongue again, they were kissing deeply.

“Now go back to sleep my love” said Lela as she went back to her position, she was listening to his heart beat again.

Blackblaze fell asleep quickly.

Lela pulled the cotton covers off them revealing their naked bodies. Lela has over the scale body. She fell asleep to the rhythm of Blackblaze’s heart beat.

She dreamt of the first time she met Blackblaze. It was on the great library of Armora. The library only accessible to people who can teleport here. Lela walking amongst the tall columns that held hundreds of thousands of books. The great library was very quite. Even the sound of armor clanking is absorbed by the quietness of this library. It was very dark too. Lela didn’t notice Blackblaze walking towards her. Blackblaze didn’t notice either as he was telling his Inferno Adze to shut the fuck up because it’s a library. They collided. Blackblaze caught her like a fainting princess. Lela used her telekinetic powers to levitate the lamp, if she didn’t it would set her ablaze.

The lamp shone on Blackblaze’s face. (He looks like me and he has my eyes). Lela never forgot the feeling when she stared at Blacblaze’s pitch black eyes. It was lust at first sight.Lela has seen many men with pitch black eyes, but she has never seen eyes like these before. She almost fainted when Blackblaze smiled and asked her “Are you alright?” Lela was embarrassed, she teleported away. They’re like black pools that never end as I gaze into them dreamed Lela as she gossiped this to her servant, Mr. Shadow. To me they represent the mysteries of what can go on inside the mind of him, because in reality you never know what can he be thinking of, and looking into his eyes makes me want to know him more said Lela to her servant, Mr. Shadow. She was dreaming of two different situations. It was almost a week after her encounter with Blackblaze. They met again at a mortal town. The market place was too crowded, creatures of all kind gathered here. Lots of traders and thieves. The town guards were too lazy to do anything about the daily thefts. At the other side of the marketplace was a newly store that had opened. It was a bakery shop. Lela was attracted to the smell that came from the store. It smelled of her mom’s cooking. She spent about half an hour talking to the baker and trying out some new food. When Blackblaze comes in,-

“Hello! Friendship!” said Blackblaze as he walked to the counter.

Lela blushed at the sight of him, she looked at the baker. The baker was busy with his cooking. Lela sat six seats away from Blackblaze. She corner eyed him. Blackblaze couldn’t help noticing those big green eyes. Blackblaze turned his head to the left. His gaze met her gaze again. Lela’s heart stopped when Blackblaze turned his head and teleported to the right of her.

“Hi there” said Blackblaze. This time he was not looking at her but was looking at a piece of bread displayed on a window.

Lela turned red and fainted. Lela woke up from her dream, she is still lying on Blackblaze’s chest.


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