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      Should i leave both of them or choose


im a 22 years old woman dating two man. my steady boy friend is 22years and we have dated for 1 year 6 months. im not sure whether i still love him or not because i had happend to get back with my ex(26 yr old) and we now have 1 month with my ex.

when i started dating with my steady botfriend, he had a girlfriend and h told me it was not serious m i stayed with him hoping that he loves m and not his girlfriend. as time goes on we started sharing almost everything even money, he is earning though a student and im still depending on my parents. when we planned to do things for us he would not be able to because his family has asked for 1/3 of his salary. he cant even buy food here and our lifes are going no where since he has to give money to his family and i have to close the gaps. we end up not having the cash on our pockets.

i happend to understand that also and just hope for the best. in 1 year 3 months h broke up with that girlfriend. i thought things were going to be fine and better. we had a little fight and he ended up saying i should not have contact with his family members, i digested that and start living with it. he asked for a space i told him to also pack his things and never come back he refused and said im giving him too much of what he wanted. we got back and things seemed fine. one day while we were chatting he just told me the realationship is too tense for him, may i reduce it a then i realised that h doent love or else he just doesnt want us to go anywhere, he enjoy seeing us at the same level. i took back my ex and we dated, my ex has those on and off sometime the phone is off sometime he loves me he is excited about us.

im thinking if i can leave them will i get someone else to love me or il never get a man or should i choose but for me both of them are no good. im not sure of my ex and im not sure of my boyfriend just wish to know if it wise for me to leave both of them and be single for a while find myself.


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