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      My Red Wedding-Memory Forever


David was my student. I meet him when I was working at a training school teaching immigrants English. He had a typical Asian face, dark and exotic. When he told me he came from Sichuan province, in China, I was really excited. I had dreamed about China for a long time, especially Sichuan, which is famous for its spicy food and pandas.

As I taught him I came to realize that he was not the traditional kind of Chinese man that I had always heard about. He told me about ancient Chinese heroes that risked their lives to rescue the woman they loved and read Chinese love poems to me. Listening to his voice, full of passion and excitement, I quickly fell in love with him. Not long afterwards, he bent down on one knee and looked up at me with his deep dark eyes and asked me to marry him, my heart melted and I cried out, ¡°Yes, of course!¡±

Our love was so exotic and exciting that I knew that our marriage ceremony would have to be different too. I looked at hundreds of white dresses but they just didn¡¯t inspire me. None of them could express the unique, passionate feeling that Davia and I felt for each other. Then, one day while David was reading a Chinese love story to me, it hit me. Ours was a love that crossed all boundaries and as such, our wedding should be unlike any other. I threw away the books filled with ordinary white dresses and started looking for something that would rock the world, like David had rocked my world.

In Chinese culture red is a symbol of good luck and happiness, so I decided to wear a red wedding dress. It perfectly represented not only our special circumstances and relationship, but also our burning hot passion for each other. When I found this dress I knew that it was the one for me, but what about my parents? I worried about how my mother would react to a red dress, not to mention my grandmother. I tried to prepare my mother by telling her that we wanted a different style wedding, and I was so happy when she said that it sounded like a great idea. Then I took out the picture of the red dress that I had my heart set on. She looked at it for a moment and didn¡¯t say a word. Then, as my heart was about to jump out of my chest, she said, ¡°It¡¯s wonderful.¡± My fears and worries vanished and I knew that everything would work out.

That day I walked into the ceremony everybody gasped with astonishment. The dress was radiant and warmed the hearts of everyone who was there. David was beaming with pride and happiness as I walked toward him in that red dress. After the wedding, at the reception, everyone complimented us on our wedding, saying that they had never been to anything like it before and all my girlfriends asked me, ¡°Where did you find that red dress?¡±I whisperd to them:¡±Sh¡­.It¡¯s a secret that I will only share when you guys are getting married!¡±

Oh, yes. That secret is the reason for this extraordinary wedding. It¡¯s deep down in my heart, and a memory that I will cherish forever" is better. And of course, I will alway be thankful for this stunning red wedding gown from, my life saver.


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