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      Love stinks, men are pigs!


A brief look into my life. I met a guy, a one night stand in Blackpool, England, 7 years ago, from that one night we both wanted to spend our life together. It was hard as he lived in Leicester & I lived in Slough, about 200miles away. It made us stronger, little visits, lots of letters and phone calls.

Time took its toll, things slowed down, we accepted the distance thing & stayed friends, every phone call would end in "I love you" & "... one day it will be", for five years, even when we both had other halfs, nothing changed, I still love him. After the 5 yrs my life changed, lost mum, car, job, house... my life... but then he asked me to move in with him & start again, I was so happy!, only to be dumped after just 2 weeks, I was then a lodger, with no friends or job, I couldn't even have a row over it, as he could tell me to go, then live on the streets, not even a sorry!

Men are pigs! now I shall live just having drunken one night stands, as there are no come backs.

One day I'll be happy.


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