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Love Sick

Where to being... it was the summer of, the end of freshmen year of high school going into sophmore year. A family friend said that their nephew was moving into town, and asked to show him around. So he came over and all of my friends met up and got together we all liked him and he fit in right away.

When school started pretty much all of my friends including the new kid were in the same classes. But the main class was gym class. Half way threw the year this freshmen girl started to like him but was like a tease. eventually him and the girl, called allyson, started dating. we were all good friends with he, she would come out with us and stuff it was a good time. eventually the end of sophmore year they broke up but she was still cool with us. they didnt mind hanging out together and what ever.

when the summer came around she started to talk to me and call me up alot. i ignored her at first bc i wasnt into to her really. when the summer started to come to an end i started to have feelings for her, and i didnt know what i should do. when my junior year start i was in the same gym class and had the same lunch as her. it was great she would come up to me and jump on my back and hug me and stuff at lunch, but for some reason i acted like an idiot and made it seem like i was interested in her. the dumbest thing i have ever done! when i finally realized how dumb i was i decided i was going to tell her how i truely felt about her.

when i worked up the courage to talk her i found out that this other kid liked her to. i asked to talk to her face to face but it seemed like no matter what the kid that liked her was right there. i told her online and she said omg mat im so sorry i wish you told me sooner bc im seeing another kid. i was heart broken but i knew it was my fault for not telling her sooner. after that we would text and hang out all the time with and without her boyfriend being there. but there was this one time that i remember every detail about and it made me know that she was the one for me:

It was the fall season so i still had soccer and she still had soccer. one day when we didnt have practice or a game there was a football game in the afternoon. so she called me and said me, her boyfriend, and her friend were going to the game and asked if i wanted to go. i said yes and we went. after we all got food, and made plans of what to do at night. we all went to her boyfriends house and everyone was drinking, but i couldnt bc i had to drive. we were all in the basement when one of allysons boyfriends friends did something and was freaking out about something and everyone went upstairs. i went back down to get my phone and allyson and her friend followed. i sat on the couch and both allyson and her friend sat on my lap. allyson took out her phone and started taking pictures of all 3 of us. her friend went upstairs and allyson wanted a picture of just me and her. we took a bunch and when she was getting up she looked at me, was a foot away, face to face and got closer, and i will never forget what she said... she said DONT TEMPT ME... i knew right from there that she liked me. eventually hert boyfriend thought that she kissed me and got pissed at me and bc of that hated me for it. but i would never try and get with a girl that has a boyfriend and he never saw that

i tried to move on but everyday i would text her and just think about her, in school, and practice, all the time. i started talking to one of her friends but i really didnt like her and she was in love with me. i didnt know what to say to her so allyson helped me and told me what to say to have her stop and it worked. allyson was my best friend and if i wasnt going out with her i wanted to make sure she was still in my life. junior year came and went and she was still with that guy and we still talked, her boyfriend didnt like it at all but she didnt care...

half way through my senior year allyson set me up with this girl, this is were i stopped talking to allyson the way we used to... i dated this girl for 2 years, i loved her with all my heart i really did, but she didnt like me talking to allyson for some reason, so me and allyson stopped talking everyday like we used to, but everyday i would think about allyson and would start writing a text message to her but would stop so my gf wouldnt get mad... when i finished HS i went to college and still dated the same girl when she finished high school she went to college and she started to change... eventually we split up and it was heart breaking for me bc i really loved her.

i started to get over her... and i trying talking to allyson the way we used to but it wasnt the same... i would text her and she wouldnt answer for awhile or at all, i would try talking to her and she would be too busy... and i felt like my life was over... i lost the gf i loved and i lost the girl i will always love...

i dont know what i should do i tried sending her a email telling her how i felt and she didnt answer... i dont know if she got it or not and i dont want to send it again and have her think i am a freak... i dont know what to do..

If anyone has any advice please share i really love this girl and i will never be able to get over her


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