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every girl dreams of living a fairy tale,of being a princess of finding her prince we grow up we seemingly leave this dream behind but do we?it resides somewhere in our heart peeking

out at times.

im about to be 18 i live through every love story ive ever read and i belive in them,but not that it shall ever come true to me.

i met him during a miserable period of my life was wrecked top to bottom or so i freind played a prank on me with his help and i ended up in a wonderful freindship wid this guy.we used to talk on phone id never seen him but the moment i heard his voice i fell in love with it was not an earth stood still moment i dint even think along the lines of romance then,and so we became pretty good freinds.

we used to sing to each other talk about everything from sceince to philosophy.i literally opened my heart to him from my darkest secrets to my inmost desires .it was a beautiful freindship.

it was freindships day ,we were walking down a quite street something we did frequently,when i kissed him on the cheek for a dare and it was magic i still remember the sensation that coursed through me.i can never forget the feel of his skin the fragrance of his deo the tingling in my lips,oh i could go on.

he proposed me that night,we had decided then that this relationship would not go on forever we wont go against the will of our parents.

the strange thing is i knew we had no future and i dint even expect any thing from him.all i knew for sure was that i LIKED him.

then i went back to my hometown.for a while we stayed in touch but then the distance took its toll on us.he asked me to end our relationship as it was that we should just be freinds i realized then that somehow i had fallen fathoms deep in love with this guy i had bearly seen five times while knowing him for almost 2 years.

i dint even argue or ask for an explanation i just agreed to it.coz the most important thing for me was that he should be happy and i was ok with being just his freind only to have him in my life some way or the other.

but im not a strong person i could not face the pain of having the light so close to me but still not being able to break through the water.i broke all contact with him.

our last talk made me realize that he did not love me but i was precious to him as a freind.

iM peaceful somehow and happy becaused i realized loving him was all i needed it dint matter to me whether he loves me or not i dont want any claim on him my love for him is enough.

im greatful to him for being honest with me hes a wonderfull person and if this story ever reaches him i just want to thank him for coming in my life.hes the best thing that ever happened to me.HE DID NOT LEAVE BEHIND A BROKEN HEART BUT RATHER A HEART FULL OF BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES.



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