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      My suposed best friends caused me to loose the one guy i really cared about.


Last year my dad was assaulted,he was left criticly ill on a life support machine for ten days,he had an aquired brain injury.He spent months in rehab and it was draining for me and my mum and sister.I ditched my best friends for a group of cooler friends who didnt have my best intests at heart......but i didnt care ? the werent going to ask me how i was so they were perfect,untill i started to belieev they cared.......they planned me a big irthday party ? we were best friends......i met a guy,who played for a football club i was involved in.,he was sooo hott and when we started to hit things off i thought my life was looking up :D i have type 1 diabeates and severe asthma,nobody knows about the diabeates,its easy to hide but the asthma not so easy.Anyway,mark and me were perfect,he was soo nice ? we hit it off straight away and after only two months i could nearly say i loved him.We spent so much time together and eventully i trusted him to tell him about my illness,i even felt comfortable with my needles around him.But only you can know the love you feel.I mean my "firends" didnt know because one day the 11 of them turned to me and said"we know you cheated on mark" i denied it to the ground,and according to them all i had to do was say i was sorry to them.but i refused to say sorry for soemthing i didnt they told mark , and to my horror he believed them and wouldnt talk to me.I cried for days and didnt leave the house,the girls turned bitchy and i hated them i hated them for ruining the one good thing that had happend to me for so long ? they didnt know how much it would hurt me ? i lost more friends because of the whole thing because they blew it out of proportion so much,most of his friends wont talk to me,and if it wasnt bitter enough the girl who started the roumor made a pass at mark,and mark didnt refuse.i remember her telling me the next day and saying how sorry she was,i forgave her beacuse i wasnt going to get bitter ? making people feel as bad as you do makes you less of a person.I miss mark much has changed and almost a years gone by........but hes the only one ive ever cared about ......the only one i trusted.......and the only one id give nearly anything for one more chance ? or even to prove to him i didnt cheat.



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