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      Life, lost and found again


After 10 years of a beautiful marriage my hopes and dreams of our life ahead was taken from me by a stranger who broke my husbands neck.

I was lost and confused and angry and crushed all at the same time when I learned my husband was paralysed for life from his chest down. I became withdrawn and depressed watching him go through all the surgeries and all the setbacks that come with a spinal cord injury.

I'll never know how or why he held on to me but now after 3 years, and more time apart than I was ever willing to accept, we have started life over and I now see it's worth living because of the love we have and the life ahead.

My sweet, precious, amazing husband has cleared every hurdle life has put before him and remained totally determined to overcome the rest of the hurdles we know life will challenge us with.

He always smiles for me no matter how bad he feels and he has managed to hold our family together and remain the rock I always had.

When I asked why he would fight to live the way he has to, he simply says; "I'm happy to be with you and that's all I need to give me strength when I feel like there's no point to living."

I could have lost him but Love, Faith, Courage, and determination prevailed. He is truly AMAZING and my inspiration and my reason for living.


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