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      Long distance love


It was night. The air was frosty and streets were empty. Everybody was at home with their families... There weren’t any birds or any sounds. Sometimes only some cars passed along. Grey tall buildings seemed very gloomy in the darkness. Only lights in the windows shone like small eyes of these big grey giants... Every window has its own story.

Sometimes it is sad and sometimes happy. If you take a look in the windows you will be surprised how many secrets one grey giant can keep. I wanna tell you just one story, one from millions… The story is about... Oh, sorry, you will see!

So, it was night. The time went forward. Some lights in the windows were put out. But in one room it was still bright in spite of late time. There was one girl in the room. She was sitting on the windowsill and looking at the darkness in the streets... She was thinking... There wasn’t anybody in the flat, except her. The radio in the corner was singing one of the songs about love, sadness and other things. But, suddenly, she stood up and turned off the radio. She dropped a piece of paper, which she was holding in her hands, on the floor. She felt disgust… “What do they know about true love? About real sadness and separation???? – those were her thoughts. – What do they know about real hardness?? Have they ever felt that?... It is when you wanna see no letters, but eyes.. when you wanna feel no sadness, but warmth.. when you wanna kiss no photos, but lips.. when you wanna embrace no notebook, but beloved person..” She turned off lights and went to bed. Just the moon, through the window, was able to see what was on the paper she dropped… That was a photo. Two people on it were happy and smiling.

“Good morning, my dear”, - she said to the cat. Barefoot, she ran to the kitchen to feed him. She felt cold and went back to bed under the blanket. In this way every her day started. An hour later she was in the subway. She was reading a book. The mp3-player was singing a funny song. So the way seemed not long. Finally, it was her station. She

looked up and saw him. He was sitting in front of her and smiling.When she opened her mouth to say something, she realized that it was an ordinary guy. He wasn’t her special dearest person. She replied with a tired smile, she lowered her eyes and left a train. The day went away quickly. It just started, but it was already evening. After morning meeting in the subway she looked for him in the crowd.

It wasn’t real. But it was so pleasant to hope.. When she got home and was changing her clothes – she found a photo which she lost a month ago. It was near the window and under the wardrobe. There were two people on the photo. They were happy and smiling.

It’s 15 minutes till the meeting. She couldn’t wait anymore. She turned on computer and entered the chat. He was already there. She smiled coz she was happy to see him. She was happy only to see, happy only in the web. But this time he seemed so close to her like she could touch him. A little conversation a day gives them power to live and don’t be sad. Simple questions, short answers, tender words, life decisions, secrets, silly things understandable only for them. Kisses and English “sarang hae”… They were in the different sides of planet, but that moment online they were happy and smiling.

Saturday. She turned on computer at 9.30. He would not come – she knew that certainly. But it was so pleasant to hope... After waiting some minutes, she quitted and started make her bed. She went to the bathroom and turned on the water. She was sitting and warming her hands in the water – that was so nice to look at running water.. People say: “There 3 things, at which person can look eternally:

burning fire, running water and …”. The third thing everyone chooses for himself. She came back her room and put his photos in the slide-show, turned off the lights and hid under a blanket. It seemed he was around her. Soon she fell asleep and his last picture froze on the screen, staring at her. Perhaps, it’s that third thing at which person can look eternally – how his beloved person’s sleeping. Maybe, that is why on the photo he was happy and smiling.

She was going down the street. The weather was warm and sunny. It was a spring. Trees were in blossom and the sky was clear. She wasn’t in hurry, so she enjoyed the weather. She was going slowly and looking at people around her. She brought an ice-cream and sat on the bench. People were walking along her and looking at that lonely girl, who was

eating the ice-cream. She looked at the trees swaying in the wind. Suddenly she accidentally dropped the ice-cream from her hands, leaned forward, and when looked up - saw him, standing in front of her. She couldn’t believe her eyes, but that was he. He sat beside her and wiped tears from her cheeks. The world stopped to exist around them.

It seemed they were alone in it. She did not want to let his hands go and he could not stop kissing her… They walked everywhere… They were happy and smiling.

The alarm woke her up. “Such a beautiful dream I’ve seen”, - she thought.. “Good morning, my dear”, - she said to the cat. Barefoot, she ran to the kitchen to feed him. She felt cold and went back to bed under the blanket.She realized that he had sent a message to her – just three simple words: I love you. She read them dozen times... after kissed a phone and said: “We certainly will be happy and

smiling. I know.”


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