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      A big mistake=(


Well, me and this guy met in the 6th grade. He was too sexy for his own good. So we flirted and tlked and eventually he came around to asking me out. So we went out for awhile typical middle school reltaionship. He gave me my first real kiss. We continued to date on and off 6th grade year. Over the summmer we lost contact a lil. So 7th grade year came and we went out again. And this year i fell madly in lovew with him i mean we talked bout everything he would do things he wouldtn do for most girls. BUt i couldnt take it anymore i wanted a break so we broke up. BUt we were still sorta of tlking.

Well, 6 days later my friend admitted she like him so they started dating behind my back. And i found out and i asked him he said he still loved me but he likes my friend too. Well i was hurt. I couldnt get over it. i cryed and cryed. I finally got over him to date others. But the thing was he would always come back to me when they were in a fight and it confused me a lot! I loved this guy. He promised that we would loose our virginity together but he eneded up loosing it to my friend. But we stil talked and love each other i couldnt leave him alone he would cheat on her with me. Then my friends belly started gettin big. Ppl started to think she was getting pregnant but she said she wasnt. Me and the boy still talked and talk. Then it was true she was pregnant and she had the baby at 13 but it was a misscarriage. So i was in tears because i couldnt believe that she had a baby and it was by the person i love. So we still continued to tlk after she had the baby. then one day he said i love you and i always will but i am in mad love with the freind. so we stopped tlking for awhile it would hurt to see him and my friend soo bad i would go home and cry but a couple months later he came back and we had sex and it was my first! It made me love him more but i cant have him. He went back to her and were good friends but i cant get over him! I want him backk=(


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