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      Walking, Claiming and Diving.


When we are a child we use to walking too much, and since that time I was looking for someone to love and loved by, since then I try to find out but I failed likely because I donít know what was the actual meaning of LOVE, I thought it is something like anything ells, no one explain it to me, but I use to watch my friends at that time when they use to have their girlfriends, I was feeling joules, since I am the only one have no girlfriend.

After sometime I tried to find a girl to call here my girlfriend, but sadly I selected the wrong one, then I thought my neighbor might be the one I am looking for, Funny I know that, but thatís because I am just a child at that time.

One of my friend use to tell me that I am unattractive, why might the girls look at you!!! Oops I didnít know that, I then start watching myself on the mirror and start taking care of my haircut and my appearance, to have another friend telling me Donít bather yourself you still not handsome.

But finally one of my friend girlfriend she asked her sister to talk to me, I jumped up and I felt so happy Oh God thank you very much I find the girl, no one ever on this world can touch my feelings at that time, then I start looking at myself carefully taken care of my appearance and I start using the best perfumes ever, guys I have my LOVE here right beside me.

That thing was only for about few weeks to find out that this girl talking to me to cover her sister when they use to go out with us. (First Heart Broken). That was the walking time.

Then when we become younger , we all feels that we wished to claim on at anything, like we need to show up ourselves talking to much about us and buildup our body to make the teenagers looking at us.

All of my friends at that time and they wasnít that much they might be five only, they use to have great bodies and looking, you know I tried to make my body as of them, but again this is really funny, I went to one of my best friend to take his advice, what suppose I do to let these girls looking at me?, he said you need to play football or you can be a good dancer and so many things, one of his advices just light on my mind ooh it was like a candle on the DarkÖthanks my best friend.

I start learning how to dance and I guess I make it well, since I was the only one around our place knowing how to dance, everybody start welcoming me to his house just to show them how to dance, Oh God so many girls around me, and they are all looking at me one of these girls she start to come closer and closer, and one day she invited me to her house, WOW see I become very attractive I said to my best friend, all the girls around us they start calling me every time and watching me dancing, I really loved this feelings, and after that I found one girl she started to phone me asking me so many times to go out walking and sometime we go shopping, I use to tell her lots or romantic words and I use write poems and so many things , she always loved everything I do especially when I use to send her flowers and gifts.

I donít understand what is going on, but I guess this is what they call it LOVE, I was feelings like a bird flying around swinging between the sky and the ground, that was the greater feelings I ever had.

I use to call her between time to time, but she never did, I asked my friends is that normal between the LOVERS!!! That what I thought..Then my friends told me what did you mean? Who loves who?!!!!!

And that was a good question, Who Loves Who? I said, I loved her so much and I am sure she did the same, they asked me how do you know that, did she ever say I love you?! At the time I feel like I am just flying and fooling straight to the ground!! What is going on? I said NO, did she suppose to say so??

Everyone on the room start laughing at me and they start pointing me, mate you donít know how to make the girls falling on LOVE with you??

I thought I did, at that time I lost all my emotional and feelings toward the girls, and that were THE SECOND HEART BROKEN. Simply I got up to start claiming, but after that is the time for Diving.

Now Am getting more mature, and I defiantly knowing what the meaning of LOVE, and for sure I know that from my experience from my Walking and Claiming time.

I start looking for a job like anyone ells, I start working harder and Harder, saving money and for sure taking care of my appearance like all the other people.

For sure I donít stop searching for the suitable lady, but since I am working now I need to focus at on my future, I left all my friends because I donít trust anyone of them, and I know I should have a friends but after so many things I decided not to have friends anymore.

I do my best to focus on work only, until one day I saw one lady she use to work with us, she always talking to me on a good way, but we are just a friend that what I was looking for.

I learned so many things from her and she advised me allot, but I left the company to find another job somewhere ells.

I started looking for a sweet love, but I couldnít find, seems it is even not exist on my life, I met with one sweet girl, I loved her deeply and truly, I loved her more than anything on the world, no wander she was so cute and also so good with me, she care allot about me, when I get sick she use to call me and asked about me, we use to have our food together, and making our shopping also together.

She was the lights of my life, she were my eyes, and my body and ever thing, I never told her that I love you no no never, she always hugging me and saying to me you are my best friend!! YEH and I will be always because I LOVED you, I didnít say that to her at all I am just saying that to myself, she was everything on my life, but suddenly she traveled with her family and I did see her any more.

This is the THIRD BROKEN HEART and since then I am still diving searching for a better LOVE AND LIFEÖ. You live with someone you donít love and you can make it a better life which is up to you both.


By: Tarek El-Hassan


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