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      My boyfriend


this happened last year. i started goin out with a group of friends out to parties. i met a guy and then 2 months i started dating him. but we really werent like all into each other. i mean at least i wasnt. i would only go out with him on weekends. but during the week i didnt want to deal with him. so one sunday we went to the Fox (a club) and then i saw this guy! soon after i would notice him everywhere when i would go out. and he would also notice me. he would just stare at me! and i would also stare at him! when we would just stare at each other it was like the world stayed still. jiji. then well obviously i broke up with that annoying boyfriend i had. everytime ii would go out i would notice him. so my birthday party was coming up and my friends and i were posting my birthday party everywhere! and guess who came to my party! he did. so i saw him and i had the guts to go up to him and talk to him. he got my number of course. but when he text me he forgot to delete his signature. he had a girlfriend. so i kind of stopped payin attention to him for a bit. so we text once in a while. but then he started gettin my attention again. we were just friends right.he told me he didnt really like his girlfriend.he envited me to a party. but when i got there his girlfriend was there. he ignored his girlfriend that was right next to him and would just stare at me. his girlfriend got mad and told him to go with me. so he said ok. so we started talking (i dint care about his girlifriend) then one day i went to c him at his school and we kissed. then the same day i asked him to dump his girklfriend if he really liked me. a week went by and we started dating. and now we have 7 months and he are planning to get married next year. when i first saw him i knew he was goin to be mine. and now im just so happy


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