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      Love the one your with? or the one you cant be with?


I lived in California my whole life but then I moved to a different state all the way across the country. Well toward the end of my 8th grade year I met this boy, but my best friend was dating him. I didnt like him at all, actually I kinda hated him, but he always winked at me and stuff. Well a new boy moved to school and I was the first girl he had laid eyes on and wanted to date, but truth was I was way too shy and nervous to flirt with him cause I could see myself falling for him. Well since I didnt show any interest in him he got a girlfriend because of me and my best friend and she was one of our close friends (BIG MISTAKE) she got jealous cause me and him talked all the time and forbid him to talk to me. Me and her got into a fight and never ever talked again but he came up to me one day and secretely got my number and texted me behind her back. He became my best friend and we told each other EVERYTHING. Well back to the boy I hate, him and my best friend broke up and I went to her house and he was over at his friends right down the road and something changed that weekend and I happened to really like him. My birthday was that week and we started dating on my birthday. Summer was almost there and I was going back to california to visit. I asked him if he would cheat on me. he said no. He did. but I stayed with him. He turned out to be the love of my life and everything was perfect. Then one day, after about a year and a half my best friend, the boy that i talked about earlier, admitted that he was in love with me. Well, he was an older guy and really hot and because we were so close I thought i loved him too. We dated and I moved back to california and he dumped me right after I moved. So much for love eh? Well I dont talk to him anymore. He wont write me back or anything. and hes supposed to be getting married soon. Good for him. Well I write my ex, the one that I was so in love with and we tell each other we love each other. I would be with him if i lived in the same place. I really do love and miss him.

I recently met a guy though... He is sweet, cute, his personality is great, and he is a good person. He is pretty much perfect for me. He lives about an hour and a half away from me though and I still love my ex. I am falling for this guy hard and he is falling for me pretty hard too. He is absolutely amazingly perfect in each and every way and he ALWAYS makes me feel special even if he is mad at me or something. I love him with all my heart.


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