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      I hate him but i love him


im now on my college days.i met him 2nd sem of 2008.Hes the type of boy that you would not expect to be a heartbreaker.His fun to be with and he prefers to be sleeping than to be hanging out with friends.Im not expecting him to be my bestfriend my boy bestfriend.It started summer of 2008.We are texting,exchanging sweet nothings and asking hey wat are you doing?Eat well,take ur lunch and take care always.This continued until 1st sem of my second year life and it happenned that we are majoring the same subject.Coincidence for me its not.Because of overcrowding in class he is removed from II-b and moved to II-f a newly created section.And because he is my bestfriend i made to be removed from our class and so i follwed him in section f!!funny?maybe! but for me i will do anyhting just to be with my bestfriend.Then here comes june 27,2009 its the aggao ng cagayan.I will be watching the concert of a local band group at the sports complex when i had received a shocking message!whoa, he called me mhalqoh?at first i was shocked but i went with the flow of our conversation i also had called him mhalqoh?trip?maybe, i dont really know.Wat is on my mind is dat maybe tommorrow he would wake up and the word mhalqoh is not anymore an endearment.jejeje,but take note days had passed mhalqoh is still our endearment,from bestfriendqoe to mhalqoh...ohaoha bongga!!!but one thing is on my mind during those times,he is not txting her true gilfriend....

which is also one of my friends i felt guilty but wat can i do i cant convince him to txt joy....then acquaintans party is set...ouch,he had a crush on one of my hurts but i dont have the right to complain we dont have a relationship we are also not friends we are m.u.which means i dont have the right to complain watever thing will he do in his life but it hurts so much...

Then one day he didnt txt me,he didnt talk to me and most of all he is staying away from me..ouch it hurts,then i learned that joy break up with him because of me....I tried my best to be casual to him even tough inside im hurting..He is always with amilou his classroom crush...yes it hurts so much to be rejected by the preson you love without his knowing....its hurts db?cguro naman kh8 mu lang kau may karapatan ka pa ring masaktan db?

------------------------1/4 plang yan...ders a little disturbance here oh!!ill just finish my story later!!!


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