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      Hes my everything.. so y is this happening?


we i met him i jus thought we would be bestfriends but as we started talking i relaized how amazing he was and how he made me feel was incredable... we fell iin love and we lived thousands of miles apart.. we decided that we didnt want to be with n e one but eachother so we went out n e way and we love eachother more than n e thing but now im feeling like we dont talk and connect the way we used to and iits killing our relstionship because as far apart as we are thats wat we need and i dont know wat to do n e more iim missing him all the time and hes always on my mind and but we hardly talk n e moree.. we used to have the kind of realtionship that people envied and we make eachother so happy but idk wat to do i wanna talk to him about iit .. wer goin on 8 months.. weve always connected on a level where we tell eachother evrything and talk about everything and thats somthing that our reltionship is based on *communication.. trust.. and love* ii just need him to see that even though he may not realize iit.. our relationship iis faaling apart :( :( :(


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