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To keep a long story short I got married in the summer of "99" knowing I loved Paul but wasn't "in love" with him but decided to give it a go hoping the "spark" would eventually arise! it never did!

I was scared that it was only me that felt this way and eventually around Christmas time I decided to talk to Paul about it and we both agreed we were leading/living different lives and had nothing in common any more and should go our separate ways which we have done now for the last couple of months (almost) and we have managed to stay the best of friends!

I will always love Paul and he will always love me that I have no doubt but I truly believe that on parting when we did we can and always will remain friends and will always love each other through our lives, I do love you Paul (you know it) (I know it) I really hope nothing ever changes (with us as friends ) as I know Claire is making you happy and I sincerely hope it develops into the love you deserve which I'm sorry I couldn't give but if anyone deserves a true love then that's you.

I'm always here for you if you ever need me take care, I'm always going to be your number one agony aunt lol "M"


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