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      It´s been a while.... pt. 1


well, where to start, lets see... for 8-9 years iīve been doing vacation in a certain town. it is my motherīs birthplace. every year i am spending the whole summer there. iīm gonna let some unnecessary details out, so lets jump to 2007, so two years ago. iīve already got a lot of friends, really good friends. they were all going to the same class, they were senior high school students, so two years older than me. hanging around with them every summer for 6-7 years made me grow up a little bit faster, meaning that i had a different point of view about life and all different random things than my contemporaries had. that summer i went out with maybe one of my best friends at that point. we were having a lot of fun like usual, she was talking about her relationship problems and i was just listening because iīve actually never had a real relationship altough always wanting and dreaming about one. a girl appeared at our table in the café and she hugged and kissed my friend. so we both got introduced to each other and i was amazed - the girl was beautiful! she was one of my friendīs classmates. when she started talking, i soon realized that she was pretty smart and that she loved reading. through the conversation, as the night went on, i found out that she had a boyfriend and that they were together for a bit more than a year, but at that point it was just another unimportant information for me. i thought i wouldnīt see her again, so i forgot everything about her. Let us call her from this point on "J". later that summer, J and her boyfriend were hanging out with us guys more often, and we all got to know each other better. thatīs pretty much everything as far as that summer is considered. in winter of the same year i went again to that town, hanging out with all my friends there, spending with them christmas and new yearīs eve. through the whole january J and her boyfriend were hanging out with us, and i really started to like both. Jīs boyfriend was a DJ, and he was a really cool and nice guy, but sometimes, he could be really jealous and not really nice, and he would get mad at J or me or any other person when we/they were talking for "too long". he was kind of scared that she would leave him for another guy, so he always watched and actually controlled her more or less. as far as J is considered - i adored her! we became really good friends and i just loved hanging around with her. but january ended quick so i went back home. of course i stayed in touch with all of the guys till summer. then in the night of their prom night, J texted me. she was somehow bored, her boyfriend went somewhere with his class mates etc. from that point, we started texting each other more often and chatting online. through the time we considered ourselves as soulmates, because we unterstood each other so well and we enjoyed chatting and texting with each other. finally when i came back in summer, it was perfect. i was hanging around again with all of my best friends and J became my best friend. she was able to know how i feel just with looking in my eyes. in july of that year, after their entrance tests for university, i remember clearly, it was a monday, J was pretty upset and kind of "closed". sadness was in the air all over around her, i just knew that something was wrong, but she refused to talk and pretended to be OK. later that night, i noticed her whispering to one of the other girls, so i knew she was telling her what was wrong, but i decided not to ask, i thought "if it is something really bad, she will tell me", i didnīt want to bother her with questions. so a few days later, i think it was thursday, the test results were official. J was ranked as No.1 at the medicine university to which she applied to. the others got not so good results, but we all decided to celebrate this by getting drunk as hell and just having fun and hanging out...


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