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      My Best mistake...


we met each other in std 9...we studied in d same class n ..soon we joined d same tution,,i wish main join nai ki we were in d same tution we soon beacme good frnds,,he kept on irritating me,,teasing me,,bt i likd dat,,,soon a year passed,,,den during vacations statd taking through phones,,we takd 4 hrs,,he use to tell me abut his crush,,actually he lovd som1,,,n he always used to ank me if i lik any1??

and most of the tym he love teasing me,,infact in school too

soon we started having long chats...i dont knw whether i likd him or nt,bt i never felt anything..

one day when we were talking onl9.he askd me "wat if i propose u???",,,before i cud say anything net got disconnected..

den one day when i ws retutning 4m my tution(it ws 16th of oct 2008)..he stod me on day way,,and ask me 4 d answer,,,bt dat tym he ws serious,,den every1 said say yes,,n den wat else i said yez,,,,

we went 4 a movie together,,i just lovd his company,,,and den i just started falling in lov wid him,,and soon i started loving him more dan anything...

sometime we went 4 a walk 2gether,,,i jus keep on taking n he used 2 listen everything quietly n he just kept luking at me,,,

in tution 2 he just look at me,,,and same in d school...

we played truth n dare in the tution dat day we were only 3 frndz..all alone,,

i chose frnd said kiss him(whom i lovd),,i kissd on his cheeks him bt when no1 was dere...

den i ws afraid i might lose him,,,

one day he told me to leave him.he said dat his parents r sending him to Delhi 4 further studies after 10th..i ws totally ruind i startd den he told me i ws just kidding...

den i realizd he ws nt kidding,,i wrote a letter 2 him,,,i told him dat we shul hav breakup,,den wat he started crying..n didnt said anything,,he cried whole night...

days passed lik dis ,,we dindnt had break up..

bt soon i realized he ws avoiding me,,,those days were horrible,,iad my preboard examinatin nd his mom took away his cell phones,,we just cudnt tak at stil if his mom went out he used 2 call me,,,he says "i love u,i miss u"..

we sat in d same hall during preboard exam,,while i gave my he kept o looking at me,,,bt as exams were over...i thought everything will becom normal,,,

bul Alas!it didnt

we rarely talkd,,,and whole night i just kept crying,,,

soon month passed and it ws d tym 4 board exam,,,den i realized hw much he had changed,,he ws sitting judt opposite 2 me,,while i wrote my exam,,i kpt on crying,,he saw me bt ignord,,

as soon as d exams were over he left for delhi,,,i beggd him "plz dont leave me,,i will die widout u,,,"

he said "u knw wat? i dont love u at all...infact i hate u,,"

i ws smashed...........


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