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      The Same Lonely Feeling


There was a man who had lived his life in a shroud of loneliness. He never knew what it was like to feel love or have companionship. Day after day he would constantly be reminded of what he did not have; couples holding hands, people sharing laughter, friends walking together joyfully. The man was very sad and wanted no more to feel this loneliness.

One day he decided to open himself up to someone he had been admiring from afar for a really long time. Nervously he introduces himself to this lady of whom he had an infatuation for. Much to his surprise, she took to him with the warmest of receptions. They shared a conversation for awhile and afterwards the man mustered the courage to ask her out. The lady happily agreed to which then they exchanged information and departed. The man was overflowing with joy. He had possibly found one to take away his loneliness. He counted seconds, minutes, hours, and days until he would see her again. Finally, the day had arrived.

He met with the lady and took her to a place special to him. They walked around, taking in the beautiful scenery while getting to know each other. This outing was indeed perfect in his image. The two enjoyed each other’s company and conversation. When the outing had come to an end the lady left the man with a kiss. The man was brimming with happiness; fireworks going off in his mind. He was eager with anticipation to hear from or see the lady once again. But many days and weeks had passed since he had seen the lady. This made the man nervous and discouraged, causing the man to think to himself that the lady no longer wished to hear from him, let alone see him. One day while walking, he noticed the lady in the embrace of another man. She had long forgotten about the man, the outing, the short, yet enjoyable time they had together and quickly moved on to another.

The man was saddened and lonely once again. He turned once again to a shadow of his former self; keeping only to himself and speaking to one, even when he was spoken to. He walked down this path once again for many years, all the while thinking that no one wanted him or even wanted to be around him.

One day, he had noticed another lady, far more beautiful than the previous. He immediately thought he should go an introduce himself. But then hesitation kicked in. The man thought to himself, ‘will she even speak to me? Am I really worth her time?’ and ultimately, ‘will the same thing happen once again?’ The man decided to push back his fears and take one more chance. So he approached the lady, far more nervous than before and introduced himself. He complimented the lady on her very beautiful appearance to which the lady smiled, and introduced herself as well. They talked for awhile; the man grinning in his mind. The same opportunity had presented itself. Second chances do happen, he thought. Afterwards, the man asked to see the lady again, to which she gladly agreed. They exchanged information and went their separate ways.

The man left with many happy thoughts. But one looming fear entered his mind yet again. ‘What if it happens again?’ This one obvious fear overtook him completely. However, he pushed it back with his temporary happiness he had. Once again, he counted seconds, minutes, hours, and days until he would see her again. Then the day had come. The man and lady met once more and he took her to his special place, same as before. The man and lady shared conversation and embraces. This was far better than the previous time he had brought someone here, he thought. Time passed by slowly; the man and lady enjoying the evening until it was time for them to depart. The both agreed to see each other again and the lady left him with a kiss.

The man was in a euphoric state; for he was far happier than he had ever been in his life. But time passed once again. He had not heard from the lady in a long time. He kept thinking to himself, she’ll eventually call, but she never did. He was very sad once again. However this sadness was nothing compared to what he feel much later. 3 months had passed, and he found the news that the lady was engaged to be married. It had indeed happened again. The man was once again in his sad and lonely state, same as all the years previous.

One day the man decides to go to his special place by himself to reflect. He sits and stares into a moonlit lake, thinking that he never wishes to have the company or companionship of another as it will just lead to more sadness and loneliness. But as he thinks this, a lady, far more beautiful than anyone he has ever seen approaches him. The lady notices how sad the man is and introduces herself. The man begins to shed a tear and this confuses the lady. She asks the man what is wrong to which the man replies, “My heart has seen little joy in my lifetime, but more so has it seen more than its fair share of pain and disappointment. This is the first time anyone has ever approached me. It is a feeling I’ve wanted to know all my life, so I should be happy. Yet, I feel nothing but sadness. A sadness I know all too well, because I know how a story like this will end.” And with that said, the man gets up and walks into the darkness, where he remained for the rest of his days.


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