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      Farewell, my beloved


Farewell, My beloved

“No!” I cried as I held the door open, “Please don’t go!” I stared at his blue deep eyes; I could easily read the expression on his face, his eyes where sad, in pain, as if something or someone was scaring him away.

When he turned around I felt that a huge hole had been punched through my chest, it was an indescribable pain I had never felt before, so bizarre and poignant. By the time he reached the corner there were tears running down my cheeks, this weren’t normal tears, I didn’t know if they were because I was alone now, or was it wistfulness that I felt?

The darkness in my heart grew bigger, I could feel it inside me poisoning my body with its venomous miasma, and my heart grew impure. Then my mind was blank for a moment, and I got this vision of a man, whose face was unrecognizable, he was lying on a puddle of fresh blood, and there was a car nearby, then I saw Michael’s angelical face.

I immediately ran outside, I didn’t care if I was barefooted, I went to the corner and turned left two blocks later, to my surprise I saw an ambulance, and there was my Michael lying dead on a puddle of blood, just as I had pictured it five minutes ago, I couldn’t believe what my eyes where looking at, I couldn’t think of anything! I just stood there immobilized. One minute later I regain consciousness and ran towards him, I embraced his lifeless body knowing that this was the last time; I didn’t care if my chest was stained with his blood.

I bared him no grudge, for his injuries were pity, “I don’t despise you for living me!” “I forgive you! Don’t leave me behind, don’t you give up on me! Please…Open your eyes!” I whispered to him, obviously I got no answer. I didn’t care of anything at that moment, I just grabbed his face and felt his lips brush against mines, I could taste the blood from his broken lips, and it tasted like metal.

I didn’t feel any pain, but only heard the sound of a gun, I still didn’t know what was going on, but only saw the little dark spot of blood on my back, at that moment I knew that I had being shot, with my last breath I said “I shall meet you in the other world Michael…” when I was just about to see the responsible for my premature demise, my body gave up and my eyes closed.

I died with no regrets or hatred in my heart, just knowing that I had died beside my beloved one was more than enough to purify my soul and body.


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