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      Dream come true


i ws 15 years old tht i ws on my way to school tht day..i saw this tall handsome guy walking...i couldnt see his face as he ws walking on the other end of the road..but all i could see was this mark he had on his behind..i lukd at him..and as thy say love in 1st sight..since thn i jst fallen in love with i ws in my last year of school..all i could think a bout is him..i could no longer constrate on school,when am with freinds,i ws always absent minded..i started having dreams bout him..but still couldnt figure our his luks..i started planing my future,wd him all felt weird to me..but 3 months i ws helping my mom to gt ready to go out with her freind..sne told me tht a guy come to ask for my hands..i ws shocked as i thought my dream will all fade i pateintly waited to here his my dream guys name waz adurazak..we r from the same familly..but we grew in difrent countrys..i grew up in kenya,and he lived in uk..tears of joy fell down my cheks us she menstioned that my dream guy come to ask for me..i coudlnt believ ws a dream come true..i said if ur happy a bout it am happy too we happily got marred on ws the best thing ever happend in my life..and my love for him grows stronger everyday..even though we argue and fight over silly things alwys...he might not be parfect,but his my only happiness..


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