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      Got heartbroken by my manager


At first me and my manager was just good friends who got along very well. However after couple of weeks later, we decided to go out to get a drink after work, and thats when things started. On our first date we had a kiss, and for me that kiss must have been the best kiss ever. It was so passionate and loving. After that day things got better and better, we was going out nearly everyday or every other day...and each time we had loads of fun!

However, after a while he started to have some concerns about our relationship as i was going to start my university in another city, which is 2 hours away from where he is. Even though i tried to convince him i would come and visit him every weekend..he still wasnt sure! But we still agreed that we will carry on and see where the relationship goes..

Thats when i went on holiday for 2 weeks and even when i was away things were going very well, we would text each other all the time and i would call him whenever i could.

However when i got back, i realised things had changed...he wasnt acting the same with me, he was more distant. So i decided to confront him about his change of behaviour, he simply said he hasnt changed its just that he doesnt think it is goin to work!... i called him the next day and wanted to meet up, he agreed and when we met up, we was how we usually was, lovey dovey and kissy kissy...

However the next day i didnt realise how things were going to get worse, as i found out from one of my friends from work that he is going out with some girl from work and that they been in a relationship for a long time. The idea of this horrified me and i felt my heart break into little pieces. specially when the girl was my friend. On the same day i called her and asked her if what i had heard was true, and she simply said no it wasnt and that i should try to make my relationship with him work, if i really liked him. She had repeatedly said the same sentence over and over again, so i was abit convinced that the rumours were not true.

Little did i know at the time though, even though i was kink of convinced, i still wasnt fully convinced. So i decided to follow him and her with the help of my friend when they got out from work to see for myself if what had been said was true. And then i found out! they were holding hands when they were walking, and then suddenly they went to a narrow pathway, and thats when i saw them kissing...

I cannot express how angry and upset i was, it felt like someone had teared my heart out and ripped it into little pieces..I really truelly cared about him! It really hurt me to know that me and him was a lie, because if he felt the same feelings i felt for him, there is no way he would have done that to me!

After finding out, i confronted him, and told him that he was out of my life for sure and then i called her to tell her that she is no friend of mine and that she could have him all to herself, because i didnt want to have anything to do with both of they are both liers and cheaters! since that day i still havent spoken to them both! I pray that they get their own back for the way they made me feel..there is nothing worse than a love pain! :(


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