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      Love is very long distance for us. . .


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His like a dog begging for his master not to leave him alone.It all started at summer when I was still a 3rdyear high school student. I met him through text. When I was about to go homemy cell phone suddenly vibrate. I looked at my phone and the numbers onlyappeared. “Hi my name is Marky Diaz care to text?” so I replied, “who u?” hereplied and said “I’m marky diaz and you?” so I only replied “just call me anneand how did you get my number?” since I didn’t have any textmate at that timeso I let myself allowed to text him. He replied “oh, I just rumbled everynumber in my keypad and your number appears so I texted you if your line is available.”From that day, I appeared to be maldita in and to him. I was so hard to himwithout knowing that I already hurt him (sincerely, his really a big mama’sboy, not to mention his looks) but he doesn’t show it to me. He still text me.I wonder myself why I still keep replying to him. Then one day, he never textedme and it last for a week. I thought he was already dead so I never texted him.After a week, while I was watching tv with my mum my phone suddenly beeps. As Ilooked at the screen only number appeared “hi anne! Remember me? Marky diaz?”and then, I replied, “Yes, and why is it that your number was changed?” andthen, he explained to me everything that his phone was stolen and bla bla bla.. .  etc. From that day on, our bondingwas back again. He texted me I replied him and replied me and replied him etc.Until one day we never have the time for each other (or I think we almostforget each other) to text because we ourselves was busy texting of ourtextmates. One morning while I was watching tv by myself I wassurprised that he texted me because he never texted me a for a while and hesaid, “anne, are you still in there?” and I replied “ya, y?” “Nothing”, hereplied, as if he had a problem (of course, he does) and then, I replied“really? Oh, may I ask u again? Where did u really get my number?” I asked directlythe question again. “Oh? I get ur number from another mark, his name is markGarcia. Do you know him?” “I guess, because he texted me as if he thought I wasthe one who texted him but it’s not. My friend borrow my phone and texted him.- - - so I guess he gave u my number. Am I right?” as I replied to him, “ya,sorry 4 dat. I was the one who ask him to give me some of his textmates becauseI was bored myself and he gave urs.”  Hereplied. “arghhh!!... that damn mark!!” as I said to myself “he shud pay forthis!!”. “No one likes mark flores!!!” as he dramatically replied, “what’sgotten into his mind?” as I asked myself about him and then, for a moment Ipaused and wondering his name is not really marky diaz but mark flores!!!argggHHH!!!! I hated him so much for that I started cursing him, such a jerk!!!.So I replied without any hesitant but not telling him that I was shock knowingmarky diaz is not his real name so I calmly replied to him “why is it u told mea month ago that ur name is marky diaz and not mark flores?” he replied withsuch a “fat” word, “so that, it would be sossy knowing that diaz last name issuch a famous name.” “That jerk!!! I didn’t even know who the heck diaz is!!”as I said to myself “I’ll make him pay for this some day!” we know each otherthrough text only. As we text along, we get to know each other and he said tome, “u know wat anne? ur not that bad after all.”  “y?” I replied. “Because when I first text u,my first impression to u was ur such a very harsh person that u cud almost hurtme inside” that was his reply I don’t know if he was saying the truth but Iguess it’s true because I was hard to him back then. “Oh? Really? I’m sorry Ididn’t mean it.” That was all my reply for him just to say that I’m sorry butthen, I laughed and said to myself “haha that’s what you get from me.” Honestly.“Its okay” he replied. That night, I was going to text him because I don’t have anytextmate. My textmates were gone because I just don’t know, maybe they werealso busy texting their other textmates. “Hey! Wat ya doin’?” “just want tosleep, I’m not feeling good today” he replied, and I replied with sarcastic  text “ooohhh??? Really? And why?”(As if Icare) “Just leave me alone, I’m not in the mood today, me and my girlfriendjust broke up.” He replied. Knowing that he and his girlfriend were breaking upI paused for a moment and said to myself again “how unfortunate this guy is heso pity.” I felt sorry for him not because he broke up with his girlfriend butbecause I just don’t know, I just felt something deep within. “Okay, I’m sorryto disturb u just go to sleep now and be alright by the next morning and goodnight.” As I reply him, “ok. Goodnight” he texted back and I didn’t replyanymore so that he could get some sleep but I guess he can’t sleep that night(well, I’m just guessing and maybe that’s his dilemma a while ago in themorning). We couldn’t text each other every weekdays because its school days. Weare not in the same school.During school I had also problems with my love of my life. Ihad this guy once he courted me & I feel in love with but it lasted for amonth I guess... I’m not sure. It’s because, there’s one character I didn’tliked about him. His not bad or evil in fact, he’s a good guy actually but notevery girl wanted. I had feelings with him before but it fades. Dunno why.  Not to mention, his actually my first love.Well, as what they’ve say, “first love never dies . . . “but mine did. Itactually dies.  We actually have this‘misunderstanding’ a lot that it leads both of us quarreling each other and itended up his sweeping the room while I was about to go home. He is always leftbehind and no one sees him crying. (but actually I did hehe). That night ofthat day my heart was torn apart don’t know why until my phone beeps. “hey!Care to text?” as I looks at my phone his name appeared(mark f.) “ya sure.” I replied.So we text that night and suddenly he accused me of something but it’s a jokehe text me, “hey! U r the one who broke the plate while I’m washing!” I repliedhim with a little surprised “what are ya saying?! You’re such a fool! How can Ibreak a plate if u r the one who is washing it and I’m here and ur there!”“hehe, I’m just joking but the plate is really broken.” As he replied, I thinkto myself he is such a fool. As we were texting he suddenly said to wait forhim because his going to get some drinks so I told him to hurry up co’z I don’twanna be alone I don’t know why I told him but I kinda felt I really needed himin that night.  And then, we go ontexting until I fall asleep. “Hey sleepy head u awake?” he text me but I didn’treply because I’m already fall asleep. By morning he text me “why did u fallasleep as we were texting” I reply “heh, I’m sorry I guess I really fall asleepthat night.” And then he suddenly comes up with code name-code name thingy hejust said that, “hey! What name shud I call to u? Everyone in my textmate has it’salready a codename then, what codename should we use for both of us?” as Ireply “dunno!” “Oh c’mon don’t be such a kj!” he replied’ “ I’m not! Okie, watabout ‘bai’?” as I replied with little anger for calling me a kj. He said,“what?! Were like big guys for our codenames but it’s okay as u said so”  that’s the time we are getting to know eachother. Didn’t to mention we were such a childish back then. To make the boring long story short we got some nicerelationship for a textmate and then he courted me and I refuse him and he saidhe’ll just wait i.m trying to say not to count on it but I didn’t do it.Instead, I said that wait for me after 1 year and he did really wait for me. Aswe were texting each other we also forgot to reply to our textmates in fact, wedidn’t reply them at all instead, we txt each other every now and then. I founddeeply in love with him even if I didn’t see him as well as for him. We kept ontexting until he decided not to see me after five years. I wondered why butthen not long enough we met up each other in the street I didn’t know him yetbut for him he already know me so he glance into my side while I was walking andtalking with my classmate and he intervened our discussions. I was shock soshock in fact I was overwhelm by him and I push him away from me he almost slipon the street and so he was behind me just like a puppy who always follow hismaster at that time I was about to go home with my friends when we decided tocommute and walk to the bus terminal and that’s the start of our friendship.  Every night we text a lot and stay out way toolate in the evening telling stories about ourselves and telling horror stories.He did kind of creep me out though; it was very a nice ghost story it was astory about a girl seeing herself on the mirror without her head but then atthe last part of the story the mirror was just cut and the family of the girlsurprises her for her birthday(he changed the last part because he knows I wasalready scared). At first, it was very creepy and I did cry a lot in the middleof the story because I was scared and my room was dark. I told him that I reallycried and he changes the story to a happy ending one that’s why the family ofthe girl surprises her for her birthday and he apologize to me and told todrink some water a lot of water but I didn’t get up because I was too scared toget some water it was too late in the evening and it was dark he was reallysorry back then but he require me to drink water but I didn’t instead I criedharder and harder until I cannot take breaths. Until we both ending soundasleep. I didn’t know why I chose that story because he let me choose a kind ofstory and he will tell how the story was. As we were getting along with eachother we finally have this weird relationship of ours. No monthsary, noanniversaries, and not even day anniversary but we still continue our weirdrelationship and we rarely see each other. Problems arouses in our life andfinally, when I was about to graduate in high school my mum found us out andshe confiscated my phone and she was very angry but this doesn’t end our storyhere. I still keep in touch with him every time I have the opportunity to texthim, I borrowed my classmate’s phone and we still text each other even if hisfar away from me. He was a college student who was studying from manila but hestop studying in manila and transferred to leyte where he belong and now hisstudying in maasin leyte he took up the course IT while I was taking up thecourse HRM in cebu. It was hard for me though and also for him. A lot of changehappens.  I was a little bit sad for nothaving a phone back then but still my heart was aching, every time I see aperson holding a phone I look back and put my head down but now, I used of havingno phone carrying along with me even if its hard but I know I understand myparents for that even if I’m a rebellious daughter and sibling in my family Istill love them and I have no choice but to follow their orders besides, I livein a cowardly world of mine. He, on the other side will always contact me. Iknow him quite a while. I trust him for who he is. I accept him for what he isand for what he has done in the past and I love him forever. I know, the story sounds confusing for you but we love eachother. He has done everything for me and has followed my orders and he haschanged a lot from the day we met. Even if others won’t believe us we stillcontinue our journey. We keep on believing each other. Our relationship goteven stronger even if were apart from each other. Every time when I talked tohim on the phone he will cry when we are seriously talking. I know him forsure. Every time he will cry he covers his face so that nobody will see himeven if it’s very obvious. Sometimes, he will just go to the bathroom and wepta lot because of me. He is the one doing everything just to see me while I,done nothing for him but letting him cry a lot every night. Letting his heartcrashed or gone down because of me. But he still wouldn’t give up even if hisheart was torn into pieces already. He still would fight for our love. I lethim go once but I realize that even if I let go of him he won’t let go of myhand even the going gets tough. I was crying hard until I cannot cry anymoremaybe because I already used up my tears back then for the memories we’ve beensharing each other and I can still feel the pain deep inside my wounded heart. Now,I decided not to let go of him and continue it for I know this is worthcontinuing it. Now, were still alive in this world continuing our fightseven if the whole world will be against us. Even if the people around us willnot believe in us. Even if the people will think were not gonna make thisthrough. But deep in my heart I believe one day we will be fine…I love him, I’m proud of him, and I can’t ask anyone besideshim. . .“Stay with me… please don’t leave me alone. . .” as healways say, crying. He is like a dog begging for his master not to leave himalone. And I promise, I won’t.  


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