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      PAins of love


Wen.tym gows u always thk of may thngs,bt neva thk bwt pain dat lav brings. wel dz my story met dz gal wen was doin my fst year,mean vrythng was fyn.i lav her such way dat evry mment was lyk haven. den wen tyms goes was lyk he fmly was al gold.meang ent have wat she had mean money,vn daw was lyf was n lav wth dz gal.3rd year wr thngs stat 2 hapen naw.fst she dumped me i tryd 2 cnvnce her,telng her dat cnt live wthout her bt neva wkd.year afta graduation fnd a job.and naw she cld me vrytm sayng plz cn met u,den we met what she sad was,im sory.i lav u ent meam wat sad was used 2 lav love nt nwng da pains t brings bt naw im sory cnt lav u i fogve u,my q c dd i took da ryte dsion, rembu sukas 0783672103


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