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      At Last


I fell deeply in love with with a High School Senior when I was a Sophomore.I wish I had the room to tell our story.It is beautiful and true.She finished high school before me and we drifted apart.Many time over the next few years we would run into each other.Each time we looked into each others eyes we knew that love still existed but we never talked about it.I married and so did she.Gosh I wish I could tell all the details that happened in our lives before we both married other people.I promise you would cry your eyes out as I have now for the past six months.Thirty nine years passed so quickly.April of 2009 my son gave me a computer and in May I found my girl on Classmates.We began emailing each other though we both knew inside it was wrong,we also knew it was meant to be.Though we lived several hundred miles from each other we began meeting at a half way point.Then we began going either to her home or she would come to a hotel near the town in which I lived.It was as though we had never been apart.The teenage love we once felt was still there.Not as we had loved before but deeper more meaningful,sweet and tender,true and filled with more passion than we had ever known.Six months ago I was visiting her home and doing some painting in the house.It was getting late and she said she was going to bed.I finished painting for the night,took a shower and also went to bed.I held her in my arms and as we began to make love she began to cough.I went to get a hot towel. I returned to the bedroom and placed it on her chest.Then I laid next to her she turned and looked into my eyes and said "You have always loved me and I will always love you."Remember I told you in the hall in High School it is meant to be.I leaned and kissed her forehead and told her

how very much she meant to me.When looked into eyes again they did not move nor did they close.My girl,my lady,my dream come true passed away while I held her in my arms.


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