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      My story.


so it happend almost 4 mounths ago, i was checking on my facebook when i suddenly see that i have an inbox, so i when to check, so it says... sweetie i gotta talk to you,, i really need to, allthought my decisition is make and nothing that you do, or trying to do is going to make it up, so the only thing that got on my mind at that moment was, like WTFF!!! i mean all the things that i did for him, all the risks that i took, all the problems that i went trought for him and thats the way he pays me back, im sorry i need actions, ure  and amazing person, i think that u can get anyone you want, thats why you got me but were searching for diferent goals right now,, bullshit the only think that he wanted to do was fuck me... cause i didnt let him to... oo yeah baby were on the wrong path, ure not looking what im course i wasnt looking for him to fuck me ..i mean DUDE life is more than sex but aparently for him ..thats what life is.... and i see him almost all the the university, on the restaurants, especially when we have so much commons friends so is very uncomfortable cause u can taste the tension between as but were both to proud to say something... and now 4 months still in love with him... heart is a bitch.


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