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i met him in my school function.we became so gd frens.but i did not know when he fall in love with me and when i came to know about it was shocking but i did not want to lose him.but surprisingly i also started loving him.i loved him so much that i quit my job,forgot about my family,forgot about the world around me.i told my family i want to marry him.they all got angry bcoz he was not same religion as me and as being an indian parents always see this.ok religion problem how we solved we was hard time for both of us but both families got agree about it. we were so happy that we planned so much for our future even our kids name too.

but i think i did some bad deeds smwhere so god punished us.his mother n my mother started arguing with small matter which became so big matter n both mothers make us apart.

we both love our families so wanted everyone to be happy with our mother hit me with a thick brother slapped dad cried.i tried to kill myself.he was struglling with himself on the other side.

so when things out of our hands.we decided to be apart.i left my country and went overseas for 18 months.did not hear anything from him

now im back to my country.he is married now almost 4 months,an arrange marriage.but till now he have not touch his wife yet.she knows everything about me.she emailed me that she want to be in his heart but i am still there.

we are seeing each other secretly.we hug each other do cry.but we sacrificed for our being an indian we followed our parents but we both not happy.


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