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Over the summer i got my first real bf.

during the summer i fell in love with him.

and i thought he fell in love with me.

but turns out when he broke up with me and i asked WHYYYY!!???? he goes i want to start of fresh for school.

and i go but if u love me u will stay with me!!

and he goes well i do but i want to start of freshh its a thing i do every year.i have to do it.and i go no you dont!!!if u love me u can make the choice to ignore it and stay with me!you dont love me i say!

so we endup getting in a hugggeee fight.and at school we become worst eneimes.and later on from his best friend i find out dis hole time he played me.3 months with him.i was crushed.espically when i couldnt figure out why he broke up with me for that stupid reason.he never loved turned out he just went out with me to just have a gf cuz he was despret to have one cuz he coulnt find any other girl cuz it was da summer.i was sooo heart broken.and now at school hes spreading around now just CUZ I HATE him ( dont i have a reason too?) and is saying i have s**** a ***k before... what did i do wrong?!!! hess soo meannnn!!


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