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Ever since intermediate school, thereís always been this one girl thatís been on my mind. Itís really strange because Iíve liked many girls and Iíve gotten over them, but this one has keeps going in my mind.

Iíll always remember the first day that I met her. The day I thought would never come. I was 11 years old. †It was at a meeting. Our names were getting called out. When I heard her name I started giggling because her name sounded funny. But when I turned around, it was as if time paused for a few seconds. The moment I saw her smile, her green eyes, it was as if I was superman all my life, and all of a sudden I found my weakness, my kryptonite. I canít say her name, so Iíll just call her K, for kryptonite because of her eyes. The most prettyÖ noÖ BEAUTIFUL eyes I had ever seen to this day! I remember thinking that I looked like an idiot, just by staring at them.†

It wasnít just her eyes that captured me. Her personality was amazing. Iím really into girls that arenít up themselves, just laid back and down to earth. We really got along with each other, but I started to fall for her deeply.

†When we went on a school trip, we stopped of at a place and had dinner at a restaurant. One of my mates started to mock her for some unknown reason, and it started to tick me off. But as soon as I was going to step in to help her, she threw some salt in his eye. I started laughing but I had to take him into the rest room to help him out. While he was complaining about her, I started thinking about how ruthless she was, and it made me fall for her more. We had a mean trip, but I couldnít get her off my mind.

When I started college, we hardly saw each other much. My feelings were fading away. But there was this one night that I would have never expected.†

Sometime around late September 2008, my best friend and I went to a little park because we found out that some girl mates were drinking. Among these 6 girls was K. We arrived around midnight and it was cold. I had a few drinks and I was sitting in a bus shelter. K came around and saw me shivering. She and I were a bit tipsy. She came over and started rubbing my back. Feeling tipsy, I didnít mind because I was cold. Ten minutes later she stopped and she started shivering. I looked at her so I started to rub her back, but she came closer and leant on my shoulder. I paused, then K told me to keep going, so I did. Even though I was a bit drunk, I can still remember that warm feeling of just holding a girl like that. It was my first time doing that too, it really felt special. As the night when by, I grabbed every second of happiness just knowing that I had wrapped in my arms keeping her warm.†

But sadly there was something she said that totally killed my night. As I was holding her she said ďI like the way you hold me and keeping me warm. It feels like how my boyfriend keeps me warm in bedĒ That killed my moment!!!! But I held her from around 1am till 4 30am. I just kept listening to her talk, while holding her, I loved it. I didnít get home till 5am. †A couple of days after, I wrote a song bout that night.

Its been a year since that happened and I still canít get her of my mind. This last week that has just passed she was in a competition and her group had lost. I looked into††her eyes and I just wanted to hug her. But we just talked.

Being in her presence is like a prayer in a physical body.†You may think Iím a bit crazy, but Iíve only been trapped in the waves of Love, and Iím drowning, but I donít want to be savedÖ


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