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      How can you leave someone you love?


I left my spouse even though I still loved him. I now realized even if I left I could love him I just could love me more.

It is so, so awful to have to leave someone you really love because you know in your heart and soul it will never work out. Its been a while now and I still cannot figure out why, when somebody says 'I love you', they cannot follow through, I had to leave my love, my home, my life, as I knew it to keep my sanity!

My spouse was very abusive; out of fear of losing me he pushed me away and out of the door! We were together 7 1/2 years. I am mostly over him, but when I read all the heartache stories it brought it all back.

If you are in a good respectable relationship, no mental abuse, physical abuse, honour your mate and yourself.

Sometimes I miss him so much, not the abuse!

I love ME more.


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