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      True lovex


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i am 14

well i am in love with this boy pinky well thats hiis nickname anyways here we gooo x

i love him but why cant he see that i cant stop thinking about him cuz he is the onli person for me well he aint the onli one x

there is this boy called gary well his real name is joe x

he knew i liked him but he wanted to go out with me and he doesent want a gf at the mo but i came of him but and i like other people well not as much as pinky tho i just cant get him out of my mind x and everyone thinks gary still likes me i just dnt no wat to do wat shall i do ?

theres also this person called dan i just basicly broke up with him cause he herd that gary kissed me on the cheek thats all and he goes of on one and i dump him x but i still love hhim but i am going through so much pain at the mo i am acturly no joke i  am in so much heartbreak too

can yuu just give me some advice plz x

its a heartake and love storyyy x


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