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      Continuation of Saddest love story ever..


after 1 week, our relationshp becomes complicated, few days later, i noticed that d one im texting is very different from my boyfriend, im crying so hard that night, then after a day, i figured out MY BESTFRIEND AND MY BOYFRIEND went on a date that time! my clasmates insulted me, they shouted that my boyfriend gave my bestfriend A NECKLACE wew, my boyfriend gave her a necklace but to me, since i accepted him as my bf, he didnt gave me anything. i dont thnk gifts are big deal because im not materialistic. but that hurts so much,its a heartbreaking right? but thats only a point to the heartbreaking one. my clasmates continued insulting me, they say, im only a toy for my boyfriend, because hotaru is the ONLY ONE HE LOVES. then one time, i cant continue being silent because i need to fight for myself, then i shouted "anu ba?!" they keep on laughing on me , because of that, i cant keep my tears from falling, i ran, go to our classroom(bec. we are in lab. that time) i txted my boyfriend , i told him im in our room, crying. we went to our room then he saw me crying, he gave me his handkerchief and ask me to stop crying, then i forced myself, i controled my tears , but, after dat, HE LEAVES ME LIKE IM NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND TO COMFORT. after he left, my tears run down again because of wat he did. i cannot do anything but cry. then one teacher pass to our room, she saw me crying, she want to tell the prob to the whole faculty, (i told her not to bec. if she did dat, many thngs might happen again) then she comforted me..

(sorry to cut this again, i have many problemssssssssssssssssssssss, i will continue this if i have my freetime, maybe on monday sorry again.. take care guys. leave me



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