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      What am i suppose to do??


this isnt much of a heart break storie but one of those that some ppl go threw and some perants dnt wish for, im a 20 year old female living in a town that is well know i think well heres my story.


i found love i never thaught id find it here tho bt im happy that i did coz im fighting for it as hard as i a white girl and the lov of my life is coulerd nt my skin my father says well my dad is a single perant of two u can say my family and my life sofar has been a rollacoaster, ai haha nothing much tho.

well back to the story my dad doesnt like the idea that im with him and ders constantly fightin and arguing sayin im nt allowed to se him or him me but i dnt listen coz hes mine first love i didnt know that love gets rated by race or skin color but goin threw heartach is much easier that goin threw this that i am goin threw yet im tryin to be as stromg a i can be and my bf is hlping me threw it aswell he stands by my threw the name callin and abuse the emotionall abuse and so hes everything iv ever wanted and i wuldnt want to change it


my dad doesnt seem to understand the strenght of our relationship and tries to break us up  and he hasnt suseeded so far bt im scared for that day will come then what am i gonna do then??


im writin this letter nt for attention but fr advice i need help in this and me and my bf are trying to be strong now bt im scared to loose him coz of my father please if you do read this im askin for advice and some points n how to get my dad on our side... i hav an email adress if anyone has ideas or advise to share im all eears

i really care about him and i want to spend the rest of my life with him




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