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      Remember Me Always


many Memories we’ve made togetherAs the years have slowly passed.Tears may have been criedBut our laughter drowned them all out.Sharing my deepest-most secrets‘Til one in morning at your house.Talking forever about thingsUntil our words just ran out. But now you must leave,And I stay behind.Who will I call?When I just need to talk?Who will you lean onWhen your problems weigh you down?Who will laugh at my jokes?Who will make you smile? I can’t tell you the answersTo the questions I have.But I want you to knowI will always love you as my friend.And when your heart is troubled,I want you to think of me.Remember the times of joyWe have sharedAnd maybe it will make you smile.And since you can’t take me with you,Take the memories we have madeAnd cherish themAs I always will.- Reya Opel


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