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      Lust or love?



So, I was not interested, nor was I attracted. He was perfect in everyone’s eyes; but mine, I thought of me of nothing but someone to heal my broken heart, he was smart, he played his cards right, because before I knew it, I was the fool, chasing after him. There was the occasional flirting and occasional touching, but neither of us thought of anything but two friends playing, or that’s what I thought, “did I mention his smart”. I felt hard for this boy he was everything I dreamed about and wanted, he analyzed everything about me, my likes and dislikes; basically he did everything for me. I liked him so much I had dreams about him.  The more he talked, the more I seem to want him. I realized this can’t be love, it seem more like lust, why do I want him so much? Is it that I can’t have him? After thinking about it, I came to understanding that I should just let it be, it’s selfish of me to kill what we have. He is a great friend, one I can talk to and share my inner though with, if by any chance

he finds that special one. All I got to say is she’s one lucky lady.  


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