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      Goodbye boyfriend


 it was the start of my freshmen year and I catch this guy staring at me he tells me that he has a crush on me and then later tells me that he loves me. i sand there dumb struck and blank faced. he says will you be my girlfriend I say yes when i forgot that I cant date yet. he tells me no problem and that we can make it work. a few weeks later I catch him and my best friend in the intire world Kissing in the corner. I run over to them and ask what the heck are they doing. Katie tells me that he got tired of me and wants to move on to her. I tell him he got what he wanted me out of the picture. a few days later he ends up dumping her and he moves on to another girl. me and my friend never talk again. we see each other in the hall and in two of our classes but never talk. the first guy i ever dated turns out to be a total jerk. in the end she dates all of my best friends and my twin sisters boyfriends. the lesson i learn is that when you think you are in love within a short amount of time think it through  you may end up hurt or spending the rest of your life with the person.


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