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      Falling for a friend...


ive been in love with my best friend for almost 2 years now and i hate it i feel nothing but him everywhere i go and i think of nothing but him everywhere i go everyday i ask god why i had to fall in love with the one guy i could tell anything to trust my life with who just so happens to be my best friend my other friends always tried to tell me that you know he looks at you like this or hes most happy when youre around and you glow when youre around him but see he knew i liked him before and he thinks i dont anymore.and hes fine with that he didnt like me and it hurt and it always hurts when i see him smile thats when im most happy when hes around nothin can go wrong is that love?

even tho he thought i stopped liking him i never stopped my feelings for him just grew more and more everytime i was with him and i had to listen to his stories about his girlfriends and how he loved them and was happy and god he looked so happy. but he doesnt know what im going through none of my friends do they dont know im in love with him. i just wish i could tell him and get that movie ending guy has a girlfriend and his bestfriend is in love with him and in the end they always end up together... i dont know how long im going to be in love with him but everytime i try to fall out of love i just love him even more and he doesnt make it easy always flirting with me saying things as if he knows but he couldnt know... if anyone has any advice for me on what to do id really appreciate it...thanks


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