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      What is it like to be in Love?


Can anyone tell me?..


Give me sentences, Words or Phrases. Anything?..


Because I have no idea what its like..


Nothing at all..


I have never had a girlfriend or even my first kiss for that matter and I have been in Love with this girl for at least 5 years. She knows who she is..


Every time i say something to her it just gets backfired and it pretty much destroys me..


Do you know what its like? Wanting something you cant and never will have, If you do, I know exactly how you feel..


All i can do is keep on Fighting, Keep on going. Because that is all I can do..


I am jealous of all my friends, Because they have got partners and there doing great. I know its wrong to be jealous but i am happy for them too. Just wish my time would come already..


I work so hard to get you to notice me, But i guess its not hard enough..

I Love you, So so much that i cant put it into words or sentences..


You know in the films when it ends with the guy and the girl living happily ever after?..


I want that ending..



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